Alun Sims.

In the executive role the Chairperson not only chairs the meetings but also acts as principal officer throughout the year, making decisions whenever the need arises in consultation with other committee members.

The following is an overview of the tasks fulfilled by a club chairperson:

  • Overall organisation and running of the club including promotion and club development
  • Chairs meetings including regular committee meetings and the club AGM
  • Strategic planning and key decision-making duties
  • Uphold Club Constitution and National Governing Body regulations
  • Delegating, leading and motivating club volunteers towards club 
  • Direct general affairs of the club
  • Lead the committee in making decisions for the benefit of the whole club including disciplinary matters
  • Represent an unbiased viewpoint allowing free discussion to take place
  • Have the casting vote on any unresolved club issues
  • Assist the Club Secretary to produce agendas
  • Represent the club at external meetings, when required
  • Manage and oversee the work of officers and other club personnel
  • Present the club’s annual report at the AGM
Graham Parfitt

Club Treasurer

Graham Parfitt

Responsible for. Match / training fees collector/s and the club’s fundraising secretary

Main Responsibilities.

  • To look after the finances of the club
  • Keep detailed written records of all accounts and make sure that the club operates within the annual budget
  • Attend the Committee meetings and AGM
  • Hold a bank account in the name of the club
  • Act as a primary signatory on the club account (and appoint three others as agreed by the Club Committee)
  • Prepare annual balance and profit & loss sheets for AGM
  • Collecting subscriptions and all money due to the organisation
  • Affiliating the club to the NGB and to the league(s) and working with the Secretary to register players
  • Keeping up date records of all financial transactions
  • Ensuring that all cash and cheques are promptly deposited in the bank
  • Paying bills and recording information, ensuring that funds are spent properly
  • Issuing receipts for all money received and recording this information
  • Reporting regularly to the committee and at AGM on the club’s financial position
  • Preparing and arranging for year-end statement of accounts to be audited
  • Helping to prepare and submit any statutory documents that are required (e.g. VAT returns, PAYE and NI returns, grant aid reports)
  • Even if these duties are delegated to a professional officer, the Treasurer is still ultimately responsible. It is up to the Treasurer to make sure that any delegated work is done properly.
Kevin Rees

Club & Fixtures Secretary

Kevin Rees

Responsible for the day to day running of the club.

  • Be the ‘principal administrator’ for the club, dealing with all club correspondence, distributing to relevant officers for response where required
  • Prepare and distribute the Committee meeting agendas
  • Take the Minutes of all Club Committee meetings and distribute copies
  • Keep signed copies of all meeting minutes on file
  • Carry out or delegate all of the administrative duties; enabling the club to run smoothly
  • Work alongside the treasurer to see that all affiliation/registration documents are accurate and are paid on time
  • Ensure that all members have a copy of the club handbook, insurance details and officers contacts etc
  • Attend county and league meetings (as appropriate)
  • Organise and book match facilities and in-house courses for the season
  • Organise and attend the club AGM and other club meetings


Layton Roberts

Vice Chairman/ Assistant Club Sec

Layton Roberts

Web administrator / marketing  & fundraising. /Vice Chairperson/ Assistant Sec.

Works alongside club secretary and with management team to identify sources of funding in association with the club’s development plan.

Main Responsibility.

  • Identify sources of funding in association with the club’s development plan
  • Talk to / build a relationship with local businesses and funding providers
  • Develop sponsorship proposals
  • Organise innovative fundraising activities to generate income
  • Explore grant opportunities and complete application forms, together with members of the Club Committee including the Chairperson
  • To ensure that any news of grants, sponsorship or fundraising efforts are well publicised
  • Raise the profile of the club in the community and in the county
  • Talk to / build a relationship with the local media
  • Secure a budget (if possible) for the club’s marketing/promotional activities, in association with the club Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Ensure the club website and social media feeds provides up to date and relevant information
  • Report on club events and coordinate the compiling of match reports
  • Act as editor of the match day programme (in much larger clubs).


The Welfare Officer.

Andrew May

The Welfare Officer role within the club is a very important role. The job is to assist with the safeguarding and protecting of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Responsible  for.

  • All club members under 18 (including players, referees/umpires, volunteers and coaches). 
  • Assist the club to fulfil its responsibilities to safeguard children and young people
  • Assisting the club to implement the child welfare section (including training) of the development plan (link to development plan page in Organising and Governance)
  • To be the first point of contact for staff, volunteers, parents and children/young people where concerns about children’s welfare, poor practice or child abuse are identified
  • Be the first point of contact with the Child Welfare Officer at your National Governing Body
  • Implement the National Governing Body’s reporting and recording procedures
  • Maintain contact details for local social services, police and the Area Child Protection Committee
  • Promote the National Governing Body’s best practice guidance/code of ethics and behaviour within the club and anti-discriminatory practice
  • Ensure confidentiality is maintained.
Tony Jones

Management Committee / Selector/ Coach

Tony Jones

Team Selector /RBBA 1 Rink.

Coaching  Responsibility for

  • All participants within your coaching sessions
  • Plan and lead fun and safe coaching sessions, possibly working alongside other coaches and coaching assistants
  • Observe and analyse skills, suggesting improvements and making players aware of their progress
  • Liaise with team managers
  • Select teams, possibly working with team managers and other coaching staff
  • Put into action the coaching elements of the Club Development Plan
  • Mentor new coaches and Young Leaders
  • Reflect and evaluate coaching sessions
  • Delegate organisational roles which don’t require coaching skills
  • Liaise with national governing body to access regional and national structures for talented performers
  • Promote and abide by club policy, child protection, fair play, Code of Conduct and equal opportunities
  • Follow procedure for reporting accidents

Imran James

Imran James

 Management Committee

Team Selector

Gavin. Morris

Team Selector